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Native Coast Action Network

Our purpose is to preserve and revitalize coastal Native homelands and cultures by providing dynamic opportunities for building practical and traditional knowledge by empowering indigenous communities and their allies to work together through training and expert consultation.

Role in CNNCTS

To expand Landscape Stewardship Pathways, through Regionally and culturally relevant technical training; Community engagement and involvement in stewardship projects; Assist in putting Traditional Knowledges to Practice.

Relevant Projects

Cycles of Renewal

Cycles of Renewal is a project led by Teresa Romero, Deana Dartt (NCAN), Carlie Domingues (UC Davis), and Theresa Crimmins (University of Arizona) to revitalize practices of good fire in Chumash homelands and homewaters, and centers Chumash practitioners' abilities to document their stories as points of data.

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