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Areas of Focus

CNNCTS weaves together five different areas of focus to support Tribal-led stewardship.

Together, the teams and projects within each of the five focus areas will support Tribal-led stewardship through coastal resilience, cultural and prescribed fire, climate-informed restoration, and land rematriation efforts that center community priorities and relationships with the land.

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Advance science-informed climate action

We advance science-informed climate action through research collaborations, knowledge co-production and exchange, and interdisciplinary curriculum development.

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Translate knowledges to practice

We translate knowledges to practice with a virtual community space—the Tribal Hub of Knowledges—and hands-on experiential learning at Stewardship Living Labs.

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Put adaptation into action

We put adaptation into action by supporting community-led stewardship demonstration projects and seeding pilot projects.

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Expand landscape stewardship pathways

We expand landscape stewardship pathways to build capacity with economic and workforce development.

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Support social entrepreneurship

We promote social entrepreneurship to help build a climate resilient economy through support for development of Indigenous-led businesses.

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