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CNNCTS represents a paradigm shift in how climate action is visioned, led, and implemented.

Many of our present-day challenges associated with ecological health, climate resilience, and community fire risk in California began with the suppression of Indigenous land stewardship related to colonization. Current policies and land management practices weren’t envisioned with Indigenous stewardship in mind and have been slow to change.

To accelerate this change, we’re taking a community-based approach that leverages our local networks and past project successes in southern California to create a transferable model of Indigenous-led land stewardship that increases climate resilience and advances transformational climate adaptation.

The Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship (CNNCTS—pronounced "connects") was formally launched in 2023, building upon many years of partnerships and long-standing relationships. CNNCTS is co-led by San Diego State University and the Climate Science Alliance with the guidance of the Tribal Working Group and many partners.

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San Diego State University

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Climate Science Alliance

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Tribal Working Group

CNNCTS partners include four Tribal governments, four universities, and seven Tribal-serving non-profit organizations. We are also creating co-stewardship opportunities on public lands with three federal agency partners.

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CNNCTS weaves together five different areas of focus:

Advance science-informed climate action

Translate knowledges to practice

Put adaptation into action

Expand landscape stewardship pathways

Support social entrepreneurship

The pathways we have established and are expanding through the CNNCTS network build capacity and support Tribal communities as well as students and researchers at CSU, UC, and community colleges. Our efforts are aligned with and address California's climate priorities* by strengthening protections for climate vulnerable communities, accelerating nature-based climate solutions, improving climate resilience of natural systems, and partnering and collaborating to leverage resources and knowledges.

CNNCTS is funded by the University of California Climate Action Fund.

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