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Climate Science Alliance

The mission of the Climate Science Alliance is to safeguard natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate. ​We do this through leading activities and creating partnerships which increase awareness of climate change impacts, promote solutions, and facilitate action.

Role in CNNCTS

The Climate Science Alliance, in collaboration with San Diego State University, will help expand and strengthen a Tribally-led network focused on climate adaptation in southern California. This collaborative effort emphasizes the equal valuation of Indigenous and academic knowledge, promoting Indigenous management practices and stewardship. The project aims to advance transformational climate adaptation, leveraging technical training, traditional knowledge, and economic development pathways to benefit community resilience, ecological restoration, and the co-stewardship of ancestral lands. The Climate Science Alliance also intends to foster intergenerational knowledge exchange through hands-on activities, storytelling, and art that promotes understanding of Tribal stewardship and regional climate impacts.

Relevant Projects

Resilient Restoration: Advancing Resilience with Tribal Nations in Southern California

This collaborative project works to promote Tribal resilience by developing knowledge and supporting actions that enhance persistence of cultural practices with a focus on preserving the ecosystems and plant species that are integral to Tribal communities. The Resilient Restoration project, funded by the California Strategic Growth Council's Climate Change Research Program, is a collaborative effort of the Climate Science Alliance's Tribal Working Group, University of California Riverside, and San Diego State University.

Working Groups

As we have expanded the climate conversation, the Climate Science Alliance formed focus groups for our partners to hone in on relevant projects. Our Binational Working Group and Tribal Working Group provide an opportunity for partners to share skills, expertise, and knowledge in order to bridge the gap between research and application within the community.

Stewardship Pathways

With a foundation around the equal valuation of ways of knowing, and an emphasis on integration of climate science and cultural knowledge, the Stewardship Pathways Program’s intent is to build capacity, support economic development, and advance co-stewardship of ancestral lands through various training pathways.

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