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UC Riverside

The University of California Riverside is a public land-grant research university and one of 10 campuses in the University of California system. Its mission is to transform the lives of the diverse people of California, the nation, and the world through the discovery, communication, translation, application, and preservation of knowledge – thereby enriching the state’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental future. UCR administers 6 reserves as part of the UC Natural Reserves System whose mission it is to contribute to the understanding and wise stewardship of the Earth and its natural systems by supporting university-level teaching, research, and public service at protected natural areas throughout California.

Role in CNNCTS

UC Riverside will advance science-informed climate action through continuation of Resilient Restoration research including species modeling, greenhouse experiments, plant experiments, and by linking abiotic and biotic monitoring to this research.

They will contribute to the co-production and co-generation of knowledges to advance science-informed climate action through curriculum development and student and community member engagement in research/learning.

Relevant Projects

Resilient Restoration: Advancing Resilience with Tribal Nations in Southern California

This collaborative project works to promote Tribal resilience by developing knowledge and supporting actions that enhance persistence of cultural practices with a focus on preserving the ecosystems and plant species that are integral to Tribal communities. The Resilient Restoration project, funded by the California Strategic Growth Council's Climate Change Research Program, is a collaborative effort of the Climate Science Alliance's Tribal Working Group, University of California Riverside, and San Diego State University.

UCR Natural Reserves: Summer Internship Program

In order to make the reserves more accessible to undergraduates, the UC Riverside NRS hosts a Summer Internship Program which provides inclusive field-based research experiences. Inclusivity here refers to a diversity of student identities, backgrounds, career levels, majors, and perspectives. We hope to introduce undergraduates to many possible areas of study and careers in natural areas while building a supportive mentoring network.

UCR Native American Student Program

The UCR NASP hosts numerous programs, services, and events at UCR and provides a network of mentors and student peers for Native students. Activities and events include the Gathering of the Tribes Summer Residential Program, the Annual Medicine Ways Conference, the Healing the Earth Conference, the Rupert Costo Lecture Series, the Annual UCR Pow Wow, and workshops throughout the year to share native skills and traditions such as beading, weaving, and language.

"Native American Student Programs, where you can unite as a community with other American Indian students at UC Riverside. This is your home away from home — a place of support, friendship, and belonging. Celebrate your native culture. Find answers to your questions. Get help and encouragement with school work. Find an internship. Get involved in events, activities, and UCR student groups. Hang out. Have fun. This is your place on campus. Welcome home."

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