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Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians

The Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians and our ancestors have lived in the Pauma Valley and surrounding area since time immemorial. Our ancestors are buried here, we raise our children here, and this is where our future generations will continue to live and prosper.

Officially established in 1893, today our nearly 6,000-acre reservation encompasses only a small portion of our peoples’ traditional territory, which expands into Northern San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties.

As is the case with all Native Americans; Euro-American contact, interaction and forced assimilation during the past two centuries brought immense changes to our land, people and way of life. Like our ancestors, we rely on the strength of our culture and our community to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Triumphantly, we are still here, not merely surviving, but thriving in the same homeland of our ancestors.

Role in CNNCTS

Pauma will build a network of nature trails across a recently completed forest health and fire resilience project on Palomar Mountain. The trails will provide a means of connecting Tribal members to the land and to see the work Pauma's Mountain Crew has completed over the last several years. Additionally, the trails will create opportunities for recreation and to educate those who want to learn about the holistic and modern forest practices currently being applied to the landscape to help mitigate wildfires and combat climate change.

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