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Acjachemen Tongva Land Conservancy

Based in Orange County, CA, the Acjachemen Tongva Land Conservancy (ATLC) is a collaborative effort between Acjachemen and Tongva descendants with a commitment to rematriating, safeguarding, and preserving their shared ancestral homelands.

Role in CNNCTS

The ATLC will take the lead in a demonstration project with a focus on the remediation, recovery, and restoration of rematriated lands. Their goal is to collaboratively plan the restoration of a sacred site, enhancing resilience to climate change and provide access for community members to reclaim Indigenous stewardship of these lands. The project includes community convenings, technical assistance for soil recovery, protection against trespass, development of a restoration plan, and steps for seed collection and native plant propagation, demonstrating a commitment to reclaiming and restoring ancestral lands. ATLC will also, in collaboration with CSA and SDSU host a Stewardship Pathways Training event to support others in the community engaged in similar efforts. By drawing on traditional cultural knowledge, the Land Conservancy aims to restore Native people's stewardship of these lands, protecting their cultural identity and the natural environment.

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