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CNNCTS represents a paradigm shift in how climate action is visioned, led, and implemented.

The Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship (CNNCTS) brings together four universities and six Tribal partners, along with the Climate Science Alliance and its Tribal Working Group, a network of representatives from 20+ Tribal governments and organizations in southern California.

Led by San Diego State University and the Climate Science Alliance, CNNCTS represents a paradigm shift in how climate action is visioned, led, and implemented. Reflecting both the cultural and biological diversity of southern California, CNNCTS will build capacity, support Tribal communities, and provide CSU/UC students with high-impact learning and training opportunities that leverage and transform university preserves into learning laboratories and landscapes. Aligned with and addressing California climate priorities, such as California Climate Adaptation Strategy and California’s 30x30 initiative, CNNCTS will also serve to advance applied regional climate science. Our community-based partnership will leverage local networks and Indigenous-led projects that have demonstrated successes to create a transferable, innovative, and effective model of land stewardship.

An infographic of five green yucca fibers woven together for the CNNCTS logo, being watered where it meets the brown soil. A word cloud fills the soil amongst the roots, which are connected to the list of foundational partners represented by logos. A yucca plant illustration is in the background.

The goal of CNNCTS is to support adaptation to climate change and conservation
of biodiversity by centering Tribal stewardship.

Through partnership and engagement within and among Tribal and academic communities in southern California, CNNCTS will support knowledge exchange and collaboration with Tribal partners at the lead to advance efforts to steward natural landscapes and species that are integral to Tribal culture, traditions, health, and wellness. CNNCTS will uplift and connect a suite of interwoven pathways for collaboration, community, and capacity building that features the diverse ecosystems in our region to meet the equally diverse stewardship interests and needs of our partners.

Together, we will deliver high-impact, interdisciplinary curricula and research opportunities for Tribal projects and CSU/UC students and faculty, providing real-world technical and workforce training. We will co-produce actionable research on relevant climate adaptation strategies and strengthen relationships between academic and Tribal communities through place-based experiences that will advance community-led climate action.

Our efforts will:


Advance Science-informed Climate Action through research collaborations, knowledge co-production and exchange, and interdisciplinary curriculum development


Translate Knowledges to Practice with a virtual community space, the Tribal Hub of Knowledges, and hands-on experiential learning at Stewardship Living Labs


Put Adaptation into Action by supporting community-led stewardship demonstration projects and seeding pilot projects


Expand Landscape Stewardship Pathways to build capacity with economic and workforce development


Promote Social Entrepreneurship to support a climate resilient economy through support for development of Indigenous-led businesses

Foundational Partners

Climate Science Alliance Logos Final-01.png

Acjachemen Tongva Land Conservacy
California State University Long Beach
Intertribal Long Term Recovery Foundation
La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians
Native American Land Conservancy
Native Coast Action Network
National Park Service
Pala Band of Mission Indians

Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians
Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples
UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara
US Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA Forest Service
Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians

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